In this Zoo is the second release by Invisible Zoo, twenty-five years after the first album.

Rescued from obscurity for your listening pleasure, here at last are unreleased* tracks from pioneering synthpop trio Invisible Zoo.

There is nothing new about this release and that's what is so great about it! These tracks were slated for Invisible Zoo's follow-up to their 1983 debut release but it never happened, until now, 25 years later!

These New Wave gems aren't clever remakes or remixes, they are the real deals recorded 25 years ago and mastered freshly to satisfy your thirst for real 80's new wave rock music that you have never heard before!

* Except "How Can I be Sure" and "Nighttime"

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Invisible Zoo tune "How Can I be Sure" appears on Anna Logue Records 80's SynthPop Compilation, "Echoes from Our Past."

This numbered, limited release from Germany is available on vinyl only!

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