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I remember waiting
Waiting patiently
For her to come to me
That night
Did she take a taxi? No
Did she rent a rickshaw boy?
No, she had a better way
To my light

She was so cool - she rode the monorail
Yes she did - right to my door
And later when the morning came
She rode it some more

She was so cool - she rode the monorail
Imagine my pleasure and my suprise
At the hiss of nylons
That meant she'd arrived

Helicopters are waiting
Broken cars are everywhere
She and I don't even care
We know a better way
Unicycles are clumsy
Roller skates pedestrian
Trendy transportation
Soon to fade away

She was so cool - she rode the monorail
The touch of her hand is a wonderful thing
As she left me happy
ith song to sing

Oh, oh- she rode the monorail
A lovelier girl you'll never find
I miss her pale blue eyes
And her one-track mind

© 1983, Invisible Zoo. All Rights Reserved.
Bolyro Music ASCAP


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